The Smooth System™

Smooth is a lifestyle!

Created by Lucy Peters, a name renowned as a staple in smooth, we are the hair removal experts! With our very own exclusive, patented technology as part of a customized treatment system, everyone is 100% guaranteed to transform into their smoothest, most beautiful self. Anyone, any hair, anywhere…

Along with a complete range of hair removal solutions including waxing and laser, we have a commitment to improving your skin quality with the latest advanced techniques right for you!

Love the skin you’re in. Free Consultation today!

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Aesthetic Injections

Seeking Smooth? Look Real.

We recognize the best products available on the market, leading to the perfect aesthetic solution treatment right for you! Superior products and exceptional client service extends the most optimal, desired results imaginable. Whether you have had injectables in the past or are simply seeking softer, more supple and youthful looking skin, our master injection specialist assesses and provides your most natural appearance! Allow us to provide you with a Free Consultation today.

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Skin Solutions

Successful. Sophisticated. Smooth.

A wide array of personalized treatment options will leave your skin refreshed, rejuvenated, clear and youthful! Delivering the latest revolutionary lasers, micro-needling, & PRP treatments… Our process begins by carefully assessing the proper non-invasive method to ultimately deep clean and revive your skin from within to the surface- achieving total beauty!

Beautiful, smooth skin is not a trend, it’s ageless & forever. A Free Consultation with our leading experts today!

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