When we think of the powerful personalities of The Real Housewives of New York, it comes as no surprise that these leading ladies not only want to dress for success but to look great doing so. Looking your best comes hand in hand with feeling your best and there’s nothing against reaching the top and looking alluring on your way up there.

In the middle of the chaos of the Season 8, Episode 12 premiere, in the midst of “Ramonja” getting their friendship back to good graces, we hear the very beautiful and oh so stylish Sonja drop some possible beauty secret in regards to keeping her appearance in check and maintaining her youthful glow. Did we hear a housewife mention Lucy Peters?

Oh yes, we did. We knew the enchanted Sonja was a hot little fire cracker, however, we also know that she does not wake up like that (trust me, neither do we). There’s nothing wrong with a little help from your friends, especially if it makes you look good and feel even better.

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