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3 Steps to Smooth…

1 Your Free Consultation

Lucy Peters Smooth Studio & Aesthetic Center is so confident in our 100% Guaranteed Smooth System by Lucy Peters, as well as our other revolutionary hair removal and skin solutions, we provide every client a FREE CONSULTATION assessed by one of our leading experts complete with a customized treatment plan. We pride ourselves on our hair removal expertise. Schedule today!

2 Get Smoothing

Ready. Set. Smooth. After your comprehensive, complimentary consultation has addressed your concerns and established the proper techniques to successfully achieve your goals, a treatment plan is put into action. The process begins at the Lucy Peters Smooth Studio & Aesthetic Center creating the most luxurious, comfortable environment, and of course exceptional client service and care.

3 Smooth and Beautiful

Your experience and optimal results delivered by the Lucy Peters Smooth Studio & Aesthetic Center is our #1 priority. Our highly accredited staff will guide you through every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction. You will not walk out of our spa without a drastic boom in confidence while feeling like your most beautiful and smoothest self ever!

Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center History

Best known as the reigning “Hair Removal Experts”, the qualified staff at The Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center is your ultimate smoothing solution!

Internationally recognized and accredited for our exclusive FDA approved permanent hair removal Smooth System by Lucy Peters, The Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center specializes in the non-invasive skin smoothing solutions and the hair removal expertise and methods promising delivery of the most desirable, optimal, and above all, the smoothest results!

Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center Although we offer a menu of top-quality procedures, the various treatment plans for smoothing hair removal services are our most sought after area of command as we excel in our unique capability and proficiency in the artistry of reduction and permanent removal. The Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center mission alleviates all of an individual’s possible concerns as the official authority extending safe, effective and guaranteed hair removal.

If you feel that excess facial or body hair is concealing your potential, there is a way to get the hair-free look you deserve with the Smoothing System by Lucy Peters. Reveal the full extent of your natural beauty with a smooth, healthy, perfectly groomed and youthful aesthetic.

Take control. Look your best and get the best out of life. After all, smooth is a lifestyle!

Our newly renovated, luxury medpa is home to the hair removal experts, physicians and experienced technicians revolutionizing the industry. With a customized assessment, superior client service is provided with the most advanced, elite and distinguished technology, as well as the latest beauty and skin treatments leading the market today.

The Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center is dedicated to achieving your optimal needs and goals by offering the most proven aesthetics available and the smoothest solutions for a flawless finish! We provide you with the blank canvas to turn your body into a work of art. A masterpiece awaits…

Lucy Peters

The Smooth System ™, formally named the Lucy Peters Integrated System was developed by Ms. Peters beginning in the late 1950’s following her own discouraging experience with conventional electrolysis. Lucy Peters was embarrassed by her appearance due to significant amounts of facial and body hair, and after several failed outcomes with treatment, she invested a decade of her life to elevating the electrolysis process into an exact therapeutic science.

Ms. Peters trained in electrolysis, partnered with world–renowned dermatologist Dr. Albert Kligman for medical research, engineering, and clinical human trials. Her commitment led to achieving the only FDA approved treatment process for permanent hair removal.

The exclusive and patented LPS33 epilator (originally) has been revised 9 times and today is called the Smooth System by Lucy Peters. This system destroys the root of actively growing hairs and the hair no longer exists.