Full Body Waxing in NYC for Women and Men

The Smooth Remove

We are dedicated to smooth, hairless skin and offer a menu of waxing options in NYC on face and body for both women and men. With Lucy Peter’s expert “waxologists”, we have waxing down to not only a science but an art form.

No need to be nervous, have apprehension or anxiety. Once you visit our ultra-advanced spa-like facility for waxing services located near 150 E 58th St, New York, NY 10155 and meet our exceptional, licensed technicians, you will feel at ease about waxing!

wazing-salon-services-men-women-NYCWhether you are looking to keep your brows properly maintained in tip-top shape, attempting to go high-cut bikini clad, or stripping right down to your birthday suit, Lucy Peter’s uses 100% natural formulas providing a world-class experience with superior smooth results for both women and men. Exclusive organic minerals and the finest ingredients in the market are applied in our professional, yet comfortable spa-like facility. Lucy Peter’s promise is consistency, quality product, and of course, your ultimate clean canvas.

First-class service in our chic, upscale center is priority. Our pros- skilled aestheticians are as gentle as possible. No pain. Quick. Easy. We give instantly grant you head-to-toe beauty, systematically groomed, styled and pruned to perfection!

After your waxing session, your skin will feel smooth, rehabilitated and ready for a fresh start.

Face Waxing

  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Cheeks
  • Eyebrows
  • Full Face
  • Combination

Body Waxing

  • Underarms
  • Lower Legs
  • Full Legs
  • Bikini
  • High Bikini
  • Full Brazilian
  • Full Legs w/Bikini
  • Back or Chest

Our specialty is lightning speed techniques, painless methods, efficiency, and sophisticated smooth! It is what keeps our clientele coming back each month and separates us from competitors. We pride ourselves on riveting testimonials and continual reoccurring success! Lucy Peter’s has developed the right balance between serums and creams selected for sensitive skin and removing not just hair, but the “Ouch! factor” out of waxing!

Your skin is left nourished and extra soft eliminating redness, bumps, and other unsightly conditions that are often associated with typical salon waxing. Our clinical approach combines bother highly-accredited skilled extraction maneuvers with galvanic current in order to ensure bonus advantages like improved skin tone, firmness, fewer lines, and a clearer complexion. Lucy Peter’s name is simply a signature in smooth!

Frequent Asked Questions About Waxing

What should the esthetician be aware of before a waxing session?

Your overall health and the integrity of your skin is of our upmost concern. We will not perform treatments if you are currently using certain antibiotics for up to 6 weeks prior. Specific medications (Retinol, Glycolic or other prescriptive acid products) may enable unpleasant side effects such as dry-mouth or dehydration. This may even include over-the-counter care, so you are advised to inquire about your individual medical regime. We offer full body waxing for woman and men in our spa-like facility in NYC.

Will a personalized anti-aging, anti-acne, cosmetic, or beauty routine play a role in a waxing session?

We recommend discussing any medicated facial creams, washes, peels, serums and gels which may contain ingredients that can make the skin sensitive to waxing treatment. A brief description of your daily regime will supply the esthetician with beneficial information necessary to assess and choose the correct formulas, or right techniques and procedures for an optimal experience and results.

How does an individual prepare for a wax?

Depending on the targeted surface or area, it is best to give your skin a break before treatment. If you normally shave, stop at least 3 weeks before coming in for your waxing appointment. For optimum waxing, your hair is suggested to be approximately ¼ of an inch long. Between waxing sessions, put in your best effort to dry exfoliate your skin. Dry exfoliation fens off dead skin, allows new hair to grow and not get entombed, and overall it will help you preserve smoother, softer and healthier skin.

What is a “No, no” before a waxing session?

Limit the consumption of caffeine or alcohol days before. Both are sources contributing to dehydration and inflammation surrounding an individual’s skin condition. Avoid tanning beds, hot tubs, and postpone active shaving.

What is the difference between hard wax Vs regular wax?

Hard wax works best on coarse hair and in delicate areas because as it cools and hardens it grabs the hair follicles and lifts it up directly off of the skin. It does not tug or pill on the skin like more traditional wax. Our clients agree, there is not more “ouching” in waxing!

What is the difference between Full Brazilians and Partial Brazilians?

A Full Brazilian is to remove every hair from the labia through the back side. We can leave a strip, a “patch”, or a triangle in the front, depending on your preference.

A Partial Brazilian is the same, but removing the hair from the labia OR the back side. It’s your choice. Be sure to clarify your expectations to the Esthetician before they get started so we can ensure ultimate satisfaction.

Is the process sanitary?

Lucy Peter’s uses a one stick at a time policy. Health, cleanliness and professionalism is our mantra. We do not double dip on ant soft-tissue areas. You will notice the Lucy Peter’s difference. Waxing can be something you actually look forward to.

Is there recovery to soothe skin post waxing?

Lucy Peter’s promotes and engages your skin with all of the essential oils available to enrich and soothe one’s skin. If your skin reacts with extended redness we have take-home creams and serums available in house for your needs. We also encourage daily dry exfoliation tactics after the initial 48 hours post session to prevent ingrown.

How long should one go between waxing sessions?

It may vary based on customization, but it suggested every 3-6 weeks. Hair growth must be at least ¼ of an inch.

What are the benefits of waxing over shaving?

Waxing removes hair at the root, and after consistent waxing the hair begins to grow in finer. Also, shaving cuts the hair at a blunt angle causing stubble. Shaving does not pull the hair out completely at the root so the hair begins to grow back within hours as opposed to that clean, smooth feeling-which can last weeks at a time. Consistent waxing exfoliates the skin, and can also result in softer and smoother skin.

To learn more about our waxing services in NYC, please visit us at 150 E 58th St, New York, NY 10155 or call us at (646) 568-4988 to schedule your appointment. You may also fill out our convenient contact form to request additional information about full body waxing for both women and men.