Eyebrow Artistry- Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center Sets The Brow Bar High

Well-groomed eyebrows is one of the most easiest and efficient ways to maintain a youthful appearance and a perfectly symmetrical aesthetically pleasing face. Experts testify the proper shape or right tint of your eyebrows is necessary to be carefully assessed when determining the correct compliment to your overall facial and bone structure.

Your eyebrows can make or break you as they are either a statement or foundation for the rest of your appearance.

When Left To The Professionals, Brow Shaping and Tinting May:

  • Give the Illusion of an Eye Lift
  • Define & Frame the Face
  • Create Signature Feature

Often over-shaped, thinned out, over-shaded, uneven or mis-shaped by non-brow enthusiasts, gurus and authorities, many individuals need to enroll in an “Eyebrow Rehab” program, to regrow, retrain, and start anew. Most people are not even aware of the right shape that is appropriate for their bets possible and most youthful version of themselves. Allow our menu of services to offer you an expert assessment and the perfect solution.


  • Proper Professional Assessment
  • Precision Waxing
  • Trimming
  • Tweezing


  • Filling In
  • Fuller, More Defined Look
  • Styling
  • May Last 2-4 Weeks

Get Ready For Your Eyebrow Makeover…You’re Already Beautiful, Now Let’s Play!