Tired of Shaving? Waxing? Plucking? Tweezing?

Laser Hair Removal is one of the most popular ways to get rid of unwanted body hair.

In addition to our exclusive FDA approved The Smooth System™ for permanent hair removal, we also offer today’s fastest, safest laser hair reduction treatment for significant and long-lasting results.

Laser Hair Removal Breakdown

It’s As Easy as …


Like any introduction, the anticipation may create slight anxiety of what to expect…But need not worry! Your specialist will work with you to find the right settings for your hair type and your pain tolerance, and will set your laser plan.


By the second treatment, you are almost a pro! You kind of know what to expect, and you can’t wait to see what this treatment brings. You’ve seen some hair reduction since the first treatment, and you’re staying on track. Your specialist will assess your progress and adjust your treatment as needed.


You’re starting to see results and are already thinking about other areas you want to laser. It’s official! You’re getting smoother. The hair is growing in thinner and finer now, and your specialist may adjust your settings to start going after some of the lighter hair. You can now start daydreaming about a razor-less future.


You’ve gotten in the groove and visits are no big deal. Your specialist will continue to tweak your settings to get after those stubborn hairs and amp up the efficiency. By now you may even forget to shave, because you don’t have sharp stubble to constantly remind you.


You’re almost completely smooth, but this last treatment will make it official. You’ve been committed to this process and LP has been committed to your skin and delivering your desired results successfully. Your specialist will advise you on any additional future touch ups.

Ideal for Large Treatable Areas:

  • Legs
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Bikini

How To Prepare…

  • Shave the area the day before the treatment.
  • Small patch should be left to see the type and density of the hair.
Lucy Peters is proud to use the Alma Soprano Ice for laser hair removal.

Lucy Peters is proud to use the Alma Soprano Ice for laser hair removal.

Designed by Alma Laser to be safer for all skin types (ranging from fair to dark complexions), the Soprano ICE™ laser boasts the quickest, most comfortable, beneficial and superior treatment today in comparison to every other method available. Exceptional strategies lead to exceptional results!

Alma Soprano ICE Laser is the most technologically advanced procedure in the marketplace, providing rapid reduction of unwanted hair treating all skin and hair types for an optimal solution.

VIDEO: Alma Laser’s Soprano ICE Laser for Hair Removal