PDO threads – A Lift Without The Surgery

It takes just about an hour to perform and the results may last up to 18 months. PDO threads offer a non-surgical facelift treatment and is the latest trend that is taking the beauty world by storm.

A lifted appearance can be seen immediately following the treatment; however, the results will improve in the following days and weeks as the PDO stimulates neocollagenesis, which in turn produces collagen. The overall texture of the skin is improved; it becomes thicker, tighter and firmer and other skin issues like open pores, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away as well.

Different lengths of thread are used for different areas of the face. Short strands of threads can be used to treat fine lines around the eyes, while thicker strands can be injected into the cheek area or jaw line. The best part of this entire treatment is that the body naturally absorbs the threads in six to seven months.These threads are extremely versatile and can be used all around the face and neck, typically for wrinkles on the forehead, sagging brows, drooping cheeks, sagging jawline and neck folds.


What is a PDO Thread Lift?

Thread lifts are a relatively new form of non-surgical face lift. If your face has loosening or sagging skin and you want a tighter, fresher, more youthful look, this treatment may be suitable. There are no cuts or incisions, just injections.

How does it work?

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are a special resorbable suture material used for decades in cardiac and other surgeries. Research has confirmed that PDO relaxes tendons and muscles, improves the blood flow to the area stimulating neocollagenesis (the production of new collagen in the skin). It also stimulates elastin and hyaluronic acid, both substances are key to maintaining firm, youthful looking skin. PDO threads can be thin as hairs or thinner, barbed or coiled depending on the intended usage.

Is it safe?

PDO threads have a decades-long safety track record in surgery and wound closure. They have also been used for years in orthopedic surgery (frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and cosmetic skin rejuvenation).

What happens during treatment?

Threads are introduced into the skin through a fine needle or cannula. The treatment results in an immediate improvement in appearance but the results will improve over following days and weeks as the PDO stimulates neocollagenesis, increasing the amount of collagen in the skin. The appearance of the skin improves in terms of overall texture, becoming thicker, tighter and firmer as fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

Which areas can be treated?

This is a very versatile treatment which can be used in any part of the face and in part of the neck to treat sagging brows, nasolabial lines, vertical and horizontal forehead wrinkles, drooping cheeks, marionette lines, sagging jawline, plus wrinkles and folds on the chin and neck.

What results can I expect?

Thread-lift treatments result in an instant and natural looking improvement in the appearance of the skin. A process of natural protein synthesis then begins after about 10-14 days. Over the subsequent weeks results will continue to improve, peaking at around 6 months and lasting for up to 2 years as your own body produces collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This form of non-surgical facelift has a long-lasting result. The thread itself is completely resorbable and dissolves within one to six months, after which new collagen has formed around the thread to continue to support results, maintaining a smooth and supple texture of the skin.

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