Sculptra Aesthetic® is an FDA-approved Injectable Volumizer.

  • Delivering long-lasting (2+ years) collagen restoration to improve the visible signs of aging.

Sculptra works by stimulating your own healthy collagen growth. It is injected similarly to dermal fillers; however it is placed in many areas of the face to create lift, redefine the jawline, and add volume as it corrects the underlying structure.

Sculptra Aesthetic Benefit Breakdown

  • Works gradually to replace natural volume
  • Stimulates body to produce new collagen
  • Provides a refined and refreshed appearance
  • Lasts up to or grater than two years

Treatable Areas for Sculptra Aesthetic

  • Any area where volume loss and asymmetry is apparent – midface and lower face

Ideal Candidates for Sculptra Aesthetic

  • Ideal for all skin types and color at any age
  • Patients in need to restore balance to hollowed face
  • Patients with asymmetry
  • Patients who have lost weight
  • The aging person not ready for a facelift

What is Sculptra?/How Does It Works?

  • Sculptra is made of poly L lactic acid (PLLA), a synthetic biodegradable polymer that is both resorbable which means that can be broken down and assimilated back into the body and bio compatible. PLLA has been widely used for many years in dis-solvable sutures.

Sculptra Aesthetic Treatment Procedure

  • Treatment takes up to 1 hour
  • Sculptra is mixed with water and lidocaine that immediately numb the face upon injection
  • Sculptra is injected into the area where bone loss and collagen have occurred
  • Results will gradually be apparent starting about 4 weeks and continuing for about 3 months

Recovery from Sculptra Aesthetic

  • As with any other injections, patient can experience temporary swelling and bruising
  • You will massage your face five times a day for five days to ensure optimal results
  • Periodic touch up will maintain desired effects
Sculptra Aesthetic by Galderma

Sculptra Aesthetic by Galderma

Sculptra before and after

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