Tattoo: Body As A Work of Art

Whether you hold creative ink in high artistic regard, find added attraction or hold sentimental value, tattoos are extremely popular. However, oftentimes people have regrets towards their choice of this impulse decision or even evolve passed the initial meaning. Bottom line, they no longer wish to keep their public branding.

Enter the Reasons:

  • Overall Tattoo Change of Heart
  • Tattoo Revision
  • Ridding Oneself of a Bad Memory
  • Unhappy with the Quality of a Tattoo
  • Wanting to Make Room for New Tattoos

Tattoo Removal: Clean Canvas

Successful Removal of Tattoo Requires:

  • Cutting-edge, Revolutionary Laser Technology Available for Specific Needs
  • Knowledge & Experience Needed To Assess The Right Laser Treatment Option & How To Use It Properly
  • Patience & Proper Personal Aftercare

Not long ago, it was difficult to remove tattoos. Treatment options were limited in how well they could remove inks and dyes from the skin without causing damage to the skin. Today’s most advanced and improved technology seems timely, as we see more clients every day for treatment.

Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center has an exceptional laser treatment available to successfully remove tattoos of every size and color. At Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center, we can even remove dark tattoo inks safely and effectively. Our Alma Harmony Q-switched laser destroys tattoos safely, regardless of skin type or tattoo location.

Whether your tattoo is professional design or amateur ink, Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center can help you remove your tattoo today, and restore the natural beauty of your skin — without unsightly scarring, leftover inks, or other permanent reminders of the tattoo.

Benefit Breakdown

  • Quick
  • Safe
  • Effective Removal ( Even on the Dark Tattoo Inks, ex: Black, Blue, Green)
  • Minimal Risk of Side Effects in a Clean & Comfortable Environment

Tattoo Removal Process

The most common lasers developed specifically for use in tattoo removal use a technique known as Q-Switching. Q-Switched lasers produce short pulses (billionth of a second) of intense light that pass through the top layers of the skin and are selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigment. This laser energy causes the tattoo pigment to fragment into smaller particles that are then absorbed by the body’s immune system.The laser method used depends on the colors in your tattoo and your skin type, as different laser wavelengths are better absorbed by different colors of ink and are safer for certain skin types.

A single treatment is quick, but results are progressive. The process of removing a tattoo may require a series of treatments. For most people with small tattoos, complete elimination of the tattoo requires an average of 1 treatment a month for 8 months.

For most people, the removal of a small professional tattoo requires a series of 5-10 treatments to achieve results. During your initial consultation, we will provide you with a recommended number of treatments and cost before you begin.

Tattoo Removal Prep & Recovery

Preparing for Tattoo Removal

  • Avoid Tanning of The Skin
  • Avoid Applying Makeup to the Area of Treatment
  • Inquire About Taking a Mild Muscle Relaxer to Avoid Headaches

Recovering From Tattoo Removal

  • Mild Redness of the Skin
  • Temporary Whitening of the Tattoo & Light Swelling In The Region
  • Following Treatment, The Physician Will Apply Antibacterial Ointment & Dressing of The Area
  • Instructions Will Be Provided On A Proper Cleaning Application & Regimen