Highly accredited with the knowledge & experience of the most revolutionary technology, equipment, methods & techniques to deliver you with the most flawless finish & smoothest results. Featuring the only FDA approved permanent hair removal system, The Smooth System™, we promise satisfaction & an exclusive 100% guaranteed system.

As experts in hair removal, we provide a Free assessment for a menu of our other customized treatment plans using Laser Treatments and Waxing, only applying the superior products and organic compounds which sooth skin and limits redness.

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The Smooth System™

The Smooth System ™ is the ONLY permanent hair removal treatment in the world approved by the United States FDA. It works on any hair type and any skin color — guaranteed.

Laser Hair Removal

Get the smooth, hairless skin you’ve always wanted without the razor, tweezer, and wax. Liberate yourself with expert laser hair removal treatments at Lucy Peters. Our master laser technicians yield unparalleled hair removal results.


Using 100% natural formulas to serve both men and women, Lucy Peter’s Smooth Studio provides a world-class experience and superior results for your most ultimate smooth, silky skin finish. The finest ingredients are applied in our chic, upscale, and comfortable environment ensuring the best possible and always consistent product.

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